Wireless charging
  • Simplify charging your phone>
  • No more cable tangles - no more searching for your charging cable
  • Just put your phone on the WAIQI Home and it instantly starts charging
  • No more broken USB plugs!
  • Many modern phones and other devices support the required Qi standard

Our list of devices always shows you the current models supporting Qi. For those phones and devices not supporting Qi we offer the elegant WAIQI Shell for iPhones and the thinnest Qi Adapter on the market for the most common devices.

What is wireless charging? How does the WAIQI Home work?

Wireless Charging is an effortless way to charge your mobile device. This new standard enables your phone/watch/tablet to charge without plugging in your charger. The science behind is the same as in your electric toothbrush. As more and more mobile devices offer this standard, no more plugs, which are a constant hassle or may break over time, are needed for your phone.

How does charging work specifically? Nothing easier than that: Just place your phone on top in the middle of the WAIQI Home and it's done - your phone charges. To visually confirm the charging process the integrated LED changes its color from red to blue. Naturally, you will therefore have to connect the WAIQI Home to your wall power plug with the provided wall charger

Is wireless charging harmful to my body?

No need to worry here. The magnetic field emitted by the coil only penetrates air for less than 5cm. It is the same field every normal wall charger emits, and hence way to weak to cause any harm. The WAIQI Home has an integrated electronic system differentiating between phones and metal objects. Therefore your WAIQI Home can not be used as an induction stove inadvertently!

Does my phone work?
  • We are always keeping track of all devices supporting Qi. If yours is listed here it will surely work with the WAIQI Home. If it is additionally an Android device (min. Android 5.0) the app does work as well.
  • For Apples iPhones we offer an elegant phone case, enabling your iPhone to charge wirelessly.
  • For the most common Samsung models we offer super thin Qi Adapters. If you have any questions feel free to ask us at