frequently asked questions

  • Why is it called wireless charging if I still need a cable?

    Well, good question. Wireless charging means that you do not have to plug the charging cable directly into the phone, but into the charging station. The power is then transmitted wirelessly to your phone. This has the advantage that you don’t need to search for your cable anymore, as well as having a secure spot for your phone to charge.
  • Which devices support the Qi standard?

    Just visit our devices page to obtain uptodate information about which devices support Qi.

    list of compatible devices

    If you are not sure which one you have, or what you need to enjoy wireless charging, we are very happy to help! Feel free to contact us at .

    Yes. If our product shows demand on the market, we will develop the app further and will try to extend support for other platforms as well. This means not only that functions will be added constantly to the Android version, but we are also aiming at providing an app for Windows Phone. If Apple decides to push wireless charging, we will work hard to launch an iOS app as well. For now, as most qi-enabled phones run on Android, we are concentrating on this operating system to make our app run as smoothly and solid as possible.

    The best option is getting our super elegant and useful WAIQI Shell serving as a wireless receiver for iPhone 5,6 and 7. If you still want to use your case we offer a super thin receiver called IQIto make your iPhone able to use wireless charging. Please note that the adapter provides wireless charging, however you will not be able to use the app, as iOS does not provide the necessary facilities!
  • What exactly is the WAIQI-FI?

    It's fairly easy! The WAIQI-FI is an NFC-tag in a beautiful wooden shell.
    You might ask why you would need that?
    Here's an example: Imagine friends coming over to your place and asking for your WiFi credentials, so they can use it while they are at yours'. Looking up or even remembering complicated combinations of letters and numbers is annoying right? Well, we can help you here - with style. WAIQI-FI stores all kinds of information, just like the WiFi credentials. Just hold your friends NFC-enabled phone with Android 5.0 or higher close to it once and you will be prompted to connect to your WiFi.
    Which mobile phones are supported? First of all you need to make sure that your phone has NFC (near field communication) built in. You can therefore have a look at your phone's manual, if unsure.
    To store information: Since Android version 5.0 your phone has a built-in default app that allows you to specify the information on your WAIQI-FI. All phones with earlier Android (until 2.2) need a third-party App like InstaWifi. We have a short manual for Android 5.0 or higher. To retrieve the information: Your friends only need NFC built into your phone! The best comes last: While producing the WAIQI Home there are inevitable left-overs during the process. Well, we use those left-overs to build the WAIQI-FI. This way we try to use our precious raw materials as efficiently as possible!

    We built a feature into the app that lets it automatically select the appropriate profile. This is mostly based on the location in order to distinguish between your WAIQI at the office and the one at home. In order to achieve this, the app records the location every time you put your phone on the charger. But don't worry, your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, the location never leaves your phone - it is stored only there and only our app uses it to select profiles. It is never transmitted to any of our servers and we have no means of identifying you. If you still don't feel comfortable with that, you can turn off this behaviour in the settings of the app! The app won't access your location any more, but it will also not be able to automatically detect the correct profile for you.