Icons of the WAIQI App

You can easily download the WAIQI app in the Google Play Store. The app is the ingenious addition making our beautiful wooden chargers intelligent.

It allows you to create appropriate profiles for different life situations. As for example next to the 'bed', in the 'office' or in the 'living room'.

A 'bed-profile' could for instance automatically turn on the silent mode, put the alarm and read 10 minutes from certain bedtime stories. On the next day it will automatically continue reading at the right spot.

Another example could be your office. The app could automatically switch on your WiFi, or pair your phone via bluetooth with another device like a headset e.g. and play your favourite playlist.

So why is our app smart? Via detection of your location, the app learns to differentiate between the charging stations. After a learning period the app will automatically choose the appropriate profile, whether you are in the office or in your bedroom.

We are constantly improving the app and adding more functions to it, which you constantly get via free updates.

At the moment (2/2017) the app comes with the following functions:

  • mute your phone
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Bedtime stories
  • play music
  • start other apps
  • alarm
  • support for Qi adapters
  • integration of smart home technology KNX-Bus
  • triggering actions via IFTTT.com
  • start android Daydream mode
Screenshot of the WAIQI app Screenshot of the WAIQI app Screenshot of the WAIQI app